Your blood: The elixir of youth?

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) and platelet rich fibrin (PRF) are natural products created from your body’s own blood. When injected back into specific areas of skin they stimulate the healing response to regenerate new healthy cells and promote collagen production. In medical aesthetics, this treatment is used in the scalp for hair loss and thinning, as an anti-aging treatment for thinning or stressed skin, and for sexual rejuvenation.

Hair thinning and hair loss are normal signs of ageing. The speed at which this occurs varies according to genetic factors, medical conditions and even stress. The benefit of injecting PRF into the scalp allows direct stimulation of the hair follicle to promote hair growth and increase the thickness of each strand. PRF is often combined with microneedling and mesotherapy. An initial course of 3 treatments are done, 1 every 4-6 weeks. The results are maintained every 6-12 months. As part of a long term treatment plan, Dr recommends a once off genetic test (Trichotest) which individualises the best supplements and medication to promote healthy hair restoration.

Kim Kardashian made PRP therapy famous in 2013 when she had the Vampire® facial. This treatment is a combination of microneedling and PRF. The Dermapen device makes tiny channels in the skin which allows direct entry of growth factors into the upper dermis. Considering that the purpose of PRF is to stimulate ones own healing response, it is ideal for progressively ageing skin with poor elasticity as well as sensitive allergy prone skins. In advanced cases, Dr Bianca will inject the PRF directly into targeted areas. PRF can be combined with dermal fillers and mesotherapy solutions. A course of 3-6 treatments are needed, followed by maintenance treatments every 6 months.

Our sexual health is an integral part of our overall wellbeing. Like balding or premature ageing, it can carry an element of shame or vulnerability if we struggle in this area.  Dr Bianca uses dermal filler to plump labia, penis filler to increase penile girth and previously worked with carboxytherapy for male and female sexual rejuvenation. She has recently introduced PRF injections or male and female sexual rejuvenation into the Constantia practice. These procedures are similar to the O-Shot® and P-Shot® techniques trademarked by Dr. Charles Runels. The benefits include increased sensitivity and lubrication during sex, increased libido, stronger, more intense and more frequent orgasms as well as decreased urinary incontinence. The procedure is quick and almost pain free due to the use of topical anaesthetic prior to injection. Usually 1 treatment is needed followed by maintenance treatments every 12-18 months.