A stitch in time…

The “thread face lift”  provides a gentle lift for patients who want to treat facial sagging but are not ready for a surgical facelift. Their presence under the skin stimulates collagen production around the thread, ultimately providing variable levels of lift. There is the added benefit that while the threads are in place, there is more resistance to the pull of gravity in the area that is treated.

There are longer lasting threads, made from polylactic acid (Silhouette Soft), which break down over 2 years. The shorter acting threads containing polydioxanone (Mint PDO) threads break down over 6-9 months. 

Despite thread lifts being regarded as a ‘lunch time’ procedure, swelling and bruising can occur and your schedule should allow for this. ie don’t plan to do a thread lift immediately before a big date! At Alphen Aesthetics Clinic, Doctor Bianca has been working with absorbable threads since 2015. She has seen the best results when they are combined with wrinkle injections and dermal filler. The ideal candidates are patients with mild to moderate sagging.

The cost of thread treatments vary from person to person depending on the skin quality, amount of sagging (how many are needed) and which threads are used. The cost of the thread lift procedure ranges between R5000 and R30 000.

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