SCLEROTHERAPY - Alphen Aesthetics
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Struggling in vein?

Sclerotherapy is the treatment of choice for small to medium leg veins. Whilst they seldom pose a health risk, a lot of time is spent hiding the road maps on one’s legs. Doctor Bianca‘s patients have reported an increase in confidence after treatments and have enjoyed being care free when getting dressed in the morning or frolicking on the beach.

The procedure involves tiny injections of a sclerosing agent. This damages the vein walls which then stick together and prevent blood flow through the treated vein. The number of treatments needed varies from person to person. On average 2-4 treatments are needed. These are done minimum 4 weeks apart. The treated leg is dressed with compression bandages and patients are required to walk 20mins a day for 14 days as part of aftercare.

Our treatments are purely cosmetic. If your veins are very large or symptomatic, ie painful or have skin changes, it is preferable to first see a vascular surgeon and have the necessary testing done.

treatment and reducing small to medium veins in the legs