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Lamelle Serra Soothing Cream


The severely sensitive skin doctor. For relief of eczema and very dry, allergy-prone skin.


By encapsulating some of this cream’s ingredients in extra lipids, Lamelle has produced this richer anti-inflammatory cream. This makes it ideal for treating exceptionally dry, sensitive or inflamed skin – especially allergic skin and where there’s a histamine reaction. It’s the super soother.

Main ingredients

Ceramide P, Oat Beta Glucan, Dexpanthenol, Essential Fatty Acids and Patented anti-redness and anti-itch therapy.

How to use

– Apply immediately after cleansing – to trap the moisture on your skin after cleansing. If you suffer from dry skin you might experience a slight tingle.

– Use morning and evening.

– On very dry skin, use repeatedly during the day and after in-salon treatments.