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Lamelle Luminesce Brighter Day


A medium-light day cream to manage pigmentation.


Newly updated with powerful and pigment inhibiting ingredients that better protect cell nuclei and prevent sun damage, as well as first-of-its-kind DNA-level melasma control. Brighter Day is a medium-light day cream that penetrates easily into the skin and soothes irritation, making especially good to use along with broad-spectrum Brighter Defence SPF 30.

Main ingredients

Triple complex peptide active, Resorcinol derivative, Antioxidant amino acid and DKK 1 gene agonist.

How to use

– It can be used twice daily.

– After cleansing the face, neck and décolleté.

– Brighter Day is applied over Correctives Brighter Concentrate.

– Apply Luminesce Brighter Defence over the product to offer sun protection throughout the day.