Welcome to our Online Product Catalogue

Choosing the right skincare products for your skin type can be a little like searching for a needle in… a big pile of other needles. How do tell which products will really do what they say? And which ones spend more on marketing than they do on their ingredients?
Ironically, the more effective – or potent – a product is, the greater the risk to your skin; especially if the active ingredient is not matched to your skin type. Skincare products with the powerful active ingredients can have breathtaking effects, BUT “with great power comes great responsibility!” Because these products have been lab-tested and scientifically-proven to change the skin structure on a cellular level, it’s very important that anyone who uses them has undergone a comprehensive skin assessment before they buy anything.
The purpose of this store is to link our existing clients with products that have been formulated for their skin type.

Newcomers and visitors to Alphen Aesthetics are welcome to have a look around our product bay, but would-be shoppers need to book an assessment with one of our skin gurus, before being able to order anything from our web portal.

Supplements to Enhance your Healthspan

The primary goal of preventative ageing is to enhance and extend our healthy years. Whilst the foundation to this lies in diet, exercise and lifestyle; individualised supplementation can play a beneficial role is supporting this process.
The advances in genetic testing have taught us that certain genetic nuances can interfere with biochemical processes.  This can leave one person prone to inflammation and another more likely to develop diabetes. The good news is that through personalised nutrition and supplementation you can improve your genetic potential.
Just like skin care products, there are multiple supplements on the market. Metagenics is a company that sets the standard by continually prioritising the purity and potency of their products. For those of you who would like to purchase from our Metagenics store, kindly click on the link below.