Tiny droplets. Tiny injections.

Mesotherapy is minimally invasive treatment that deposits minute amounts of vitamins, amino acids, growth factors and sometimes medications into the middle layer of the skin (mesoderm). It was invented by a French doctor in 1952 and since then has been used in the fields of hair restoration, skin rejuvenation and cellulite treatment.

Hair loss or thinning becomes more prevalent as we age. Mesotherapy can reduce hair loss, promote hair growth and slow male pattern baldness. The injected solution aims to feed the hair follicle and improve scalp circulation. Mesotherapy is often combined with PRP/PRF and microneedling for best results. Minimum 4-6 sessions are needed. Ongoing maintenance may be required. Once-off genetic testing is now available for hair loss allowing for a more tailored treatment plan. A topical scalp serum is recommended for home use.

Mesotherapy is used for skin revitalisation and gives the skin a plump glow. Ideal as part of an anti-aging maintenance routine or to improve the appearance of crepey skin, mesotherapy delivers the ‘fruit and veg’ to your skin in a way that a supplement or skin care cream cannot. The initial course involves 5 monthly sessions, followed by maintenance treatments 1 -2 times a year.

Cellulite is a complex condition that usually requires multiple modalities to keep it at bay. The French are famous for their use of mesotherapy to manage cellulite. The number of treatments needed is chosen according to the degree of cellulite present. The goal is to dissolve small pockets of fat, boost circulation and lymph drainage, as well as improve skin quality. 6-12 treatments are needed depending on severity. There is no cure for cellulite and thus maintenance treatments will be needed.