Skin as smooth as silk.

There is something to be said for the glowing skin of youth. As one ages, dead cells build up and the face takes on a dull appearance. Chemical peels are an excellent tool for resurfacing and enhancing the skin’s radiance. They are specifically designed to improve the texture and tone of one’s skin and in some instances can also improve the structure and elasticity of it too. Available in superficial, medium depth and deep peels, they show versatility to treat a number of concerns.

Superficial peels consist predominantly of acids derived from fruit or milk. For example the popular glycolic peel is sourced from sugar cane. These light chemical face peels are ideal for people who want minimal downtime and are either young and need a boost in exfoliation, have oily, acne prone skin, pigmented/sundamaged skin or have ageing skin that needs refinement.

For those with scarring or more advanced sun damage and ageing, a more aggressive approach may be needed. With deeper peels a strict regime regime of homecare and treatment procedure needs to be followed. Deep peels cause far more of a controlled injury to the skin, leaving it feeling tender and vulnerable. This peel will require social downtime for 5-7 days.  It is also often left for the winter months only, as the risks of Post inflammatory pigmentation is more prevalent in the warm, summer months. 

Certain factors will need to be discussed to determine which peel is best suited for your skin type, specific skin concern, lifestyle and budget.

Chemical peels. Enhance skin radiance